MegaChess 25 Inch Light Plastic King Giant Chess Piece

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is an individual Dark King from our Plastic Chess Set with a 25" King.


can purchase this giant chess piece as a replacement piece for an existing

chess set or as decorative pieces for your home or office or as a prop.


chess pieces are from our most popular seller, this plastic chess set has

turned out to be the best mix of size, weight, and cost for clubs, schools, and

kids. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic is recycled mostly from the

plastic milk cartons you bring to the recycling centers. It is a soft plastic

suitable for energetic young chess players who like to throw the pieces around

as part of a satisfying chess game. This MegaChess set is rugged enough to

throw out of airplanes.


most popular seller, our MegaChess Giant Plastic Chess Set with a 25" King

has turned out to be the best mix of size, weight and cost for chess clubs,

schools, backyards, hotels, cruise ships, country clubs, special events and

recreational facilities.


plastic MegaChess pieces are made of indestructible high-density polyethylene

(HDPE) recycled plastic. These chess pieces are rugged, waterproof, and

UV-resistant injection-molded, hollow plastic. The chess set withstands the

outdoor elements very well and will retain its color. We have these sets in the

heat of the Middle East, the humidity of the Far East, the cold of the Rocky

Mountains and the salty air, sun and sand of the Southern California beaches.

We have the product in stock, and we can ship immediately.

Light enough to take on any outing, you can count on people (especially kids)

to walk up and make friends.

Individual pieces for the MegaChess Plastic Chess Set with a

25" King are used as gifts, awards, props or replacement pieces for an

existing chess set.

Corporations and Religious Organizations purchase these individual

pieces as giveaways to drive home a message at a meeting or service. A wide

variety of branches of the U.S. military use these pieces as awards

within their units. Customers use these pieces as chess centerpieces or

decorations at parties for chess enthusiasts, Harry Potter fans or Alice in

Wonderland themes!

Standing 25" tall the giant lawn chess pieces are

light enough to move easily, yet massive enough to resist the wind. If you

prefer to make the chess pieces a little heavier, you can easily add up to 9

pounds of sand, water or gravel to the bases. 

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